Ants on the Apple

Since Yu began teaching Mama phonics by rattling off “balls are bouncing bbb & jellybeans are jumping jjj”, it’s been at the back of my mind to start him on all 26 letter sounds soon.

The kiasu (yes i admit) mama in me tells me, at 3-4 letters a term, it’ll be way too slow for my boy. And somehow, something tells me that there’s a high chance my boy may be a little too advance for his class. Well, at least, where speech and logical thinking is concerned.

Yu’s preschool is using the following to teach phonics:

ants on the apples aaa
balls are bouncing bbb
caterpillars coughing ccc
dolls are dancing ddd
elegant elephant eee
five flamigos fff
goats are giggling ggg
helicopters hovering hhh
indians itching iii
jellybeans are junping jjj
king kicked a kettle kkk
lions licking lollipop lll
monkeys are munching mmm
nuts in a nutshell nnn
old orange octopus ooo
popcorn is popping ppp
queen waiting quietly qqq
rats are running rrr
sausages sizzling sss
tigers on tiptoe ttt
up umbrellas up uuu
violent volcanoes vvv
wibbly wobbly walrus www
fox in a box xxx
yak is yawning yyy
zigzag zebra zzz

and I downloaded a set of the flashcard free from here. Good thing about the flashcards is that they can also be used for coloring.

So now that I’ve got the materials,  I’ll just need to find the time (and energy) to get him started!


About koppiemama

A devoted mama trying her best to bring up her boys - Yu & Yue - to become honorable, fine young men of God.
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3 Responses to Ants on the Apple

  1. amy says:

    what a copy of the flash cards but not working

  2. jo says:

    Just wondering you can email those flashcards please?
    thanks a heap

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